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BMW F650GS/F800GS twin engine guard/case saver by Scheffelmeier Metall

Hi guys,

Stephan Scheffelmeier of Scheffelmeier Metall in Germany ( has bought himself a BMW F800GS and is now developing and manufacturing products for it. He has quite a few parts coming out in the near future, some of them unique or different from what else is on the market right now (e.g. side mounted auxiliary tank).

Due to the great feedback Stephan has received from ADVrider on the products he makes for the BMW X- Series bikes, he has decided to offer this case saver here first. While I have not met him personally, my buddy Colebatch has been raving about his products for a while. So I offered him to organize a group buy since I am bilingual and spend most of my working days on ADV anyway.

If you don't know what a case saver is, it will prevent a chain that has failed from taking out your cases which is obviously a ridiculously expensive repair. It also gives you easy access for visual inspection of your front sprocket as well as cleaning.

First, here are some pictures of the part in question. Due to how this part had to be designed to provide protection, fit the engine, and look good while doing so, it starts out as a massive 5.3 kg (11.66 lbs!) chunk of solid billet aluminum, that after a lot of machining time gets cut down to about 600 grams.

And this is what it looks like fitted to the engine (note that it will be available natural color or silver/black anodized):

And here it is from various angles. Next to it you have the X-series part in black:

A couple of organizational points for the group buy:

- The first batch of 20 guards should be finished at the beginning of January, then another week for anodizing if required, so ready for shipping mid January.
- Everything required for mounting including a stainless bolt set will be included.
- Colors available are natural aluminum (€5/$6.5 cheaper), black anodized, or silver anodized.
- As is required by law, orders shipping to an EU address will incur German VAT charges of 19% (from my personal experience I can tell you that for US and Australian orders there should not be any import duties or taxes to pay, the value is below the free import limit)
- Shipping world wide with delivery confirmation will be only €9, less than $12!

- Payment will be via Paypal, Stephan will set up a special list with the various options, so you can order directly without requiring lots of email exchanges.
- I would suggest January 30th as a cut-off date for the group buy (need to confirm this with Stephan). This is plenty of time for people to find out about this thread and get set up with Paypal even with the holidays. Stephan will accept payment before that, and as mentioned above the first batch of 20 guards should ship around mid-January, on a first come (pay!) first serve basis. Should the size of the group reach another price break threshold before it runs out, it is very easy for him to issue a partial refund via Paypal, without any costs or fees arising. So no risk by placing your order right away, you just secure your spot in the cue.


I am going to list prices in Euros and convert them to USD as of today 20.12.2011. If you want to know the exact current amount in USD, just type into Google "xx EUR in USD" and you get the number with the current exchange rate.

Due to the massive amount of raw material and machining required, the regular price will be €150 / $195, without VAT.

For the group buy Stephan is offering the following special pricing:

- Up to 30 orders, a discount of 20%, €120 / $156.
- Up to 40 orders, the price will drop to €108 / $144
- If we get more than 40 orders, he will sell them for €99 / $129.

UPDATE: If we get 30 orders paid by the end of the year, it will be €99 each. Paypal link should be up right after Christmas as Stephan is very busy right now.
UPDATE 2: We are going ahead with the lowest possible price of €99 each + €9 shipping world wide. See the post below for detailed payment instructions:

Once again, if you prefer natural aluminum color you can deduct another €5 / $6.5, shipping will be €9/$12 world wide, and EU orders need to add 19% VAT.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and I will try to answer them myself or get feedback from Stephan. I will also send him a link to this thread so he can chime in when he finds the time.

Here is the list of people participating in the Group buy, let me know if you want your name added, then we can see what price we can get:

Group buy participants:
1. LukasM (black)
2. Dendrophobe (black)
3. Dorito (black)
4. jessehere (black)
5. Westy99 (black)
6. Trout (black)
7. JohnnieBoy (black)
8. angrywhiteguy (black)
9. WW Ronin (black)
10. RFlagg42 (black)
11. eddyturn (black)
12. MCMXCIVRS (natural)
13. Motorfiets (black)
14. Grits4Jim (black)
15. Steveman (black)
16. 2Stamp (black)
17. cisco (black)
18. jeff800gs (black)
19. thorinoakenshield (black)
20. OlyRider (black)
21. lakota (black)
22. Mike.C (black, if €99 price is achieved)
23. Mike.C (black, if €99 price is achieved)
24. Lounge (black)
25. soyanarchisto (black)
26. loph917 (black)
27. WF_Jester (black)
28. Cambi (black)
29. blackfly911 (black)
30. Jamm (black)
31. rchrds (black)
32. Gumbeaux (black)
33. thematt (black)
34. Grizzler (black)
35. BMW_BIKER_KEITH (black)
36. calvin#840 (black)
37. castroses (black)
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