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Ted you'll be fine...

Earplugs are good, but you'll also be so tired you could sleep in a disco. Which incidentally, it will sound like in the truck most of the time. I'm also a big Cameo fan. Word up.

We'll have a nice sit down at the house before the race with the crew and talk about what to expect, what everyone's expected to do, etc etc. Then the race will start and we'll adjust that plan as necessary. I will also apologize then for getting testy at some point later in the race. It'll happen, don't take it personally!

Biggest thing is just to roll with the punches.. you'll have to get up before you want (we all do) you'll have to go hungry at times. You'll want to go to bed but have one more thing to get done before you do. You'll want to take a shower but not have time.. But as long as you keep a positive attitude and laugh a little, you'll have a blast.. Niles and I laugh the whole way through (which reminds me, sometimes we like to watch tv in the truck so if you want to bring some videos on your phone or ipod, we'll watch them in the mornings when we hit the road, before naptime).

See you in Mar del Plata!
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