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Spud III

Thanks to all here at AR for the comments. I think it was when riding through that market labyrinth with Nathan, two water guns holstered to his postie 110, that I decided to get in on this skiddering about the globe behind a set of handle bars. Doug on his hard tail chop and Nathan on his postie sucked me in.

"OK Dad." my kids would croon through condescending smiles when appraised of my desire. That's when I realized why those here are called "inmates". I would catch loved ones waging heads and clicking their tongues.

"You're in no condition to sleep on the ground."

"I'll bring a bed."


"Dad, you haven't the money."

"The bed will bring money." I smile.

"Mom! Whats wrong with him?"

"It's that Adventure Rider crap he's been filling his head with." She waves a paper. " I found a passport application in his sock drawer."

If I sell build plans it may compromise my exclusivity pitch when marketing a patent licensing. But, I'll discuss it with my patent lawyer. This is Dave. He's a car guy. He also builds teardrops. Thinks he can get Spud III's shell down to under 10lbs. Cool. He's doing this on a hand shake and it would be nice to sell a few plans to pay him.

Papa, would you like your old cell?

Yes, please.
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