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Yep, an illness, without a doubt.

I see you have reached "stage three". it is to late for you, I'm sorry

I don't think anyone here would want to jeopardize your future income from this project. and if the plans are to much $$, I may have to wait to purchase, but you have a lot of time & thought in this, they're worth a bit I am sure.

10 lbs?!? Really? if I can afford it at all, even with the plans, I am in for a Body!

I would love to have a finished trailer, but my idea for it is a bit different yours.
(must be my own form of the illness taking hold. )

Really looking forward to your next updates.

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That's when I realized why those here are called "inmates". I would catch loved ones waging heads and clicking their tongues.

"It's that Adventure Rider crap he's been filling his head with." She waves a paper. " I found a passport application in his sock drawer."

If I sell build plans it may compromise my exclusivity pitch when marketing a patent licensing. But, I'll discuss it with my patent lawyer. This is Dave. He's a car guy. He also builds teardrops. Thinks he can get Spud III's shell down to under 10lbs. Cool. He's doing this on a hand shake and it would be nice to sell a few plans to pay him.
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1. Participation in exciting or hazardous experiences.
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3. An undertaking of a hazardous nature.

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