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BD, this is just a suggestion for marketing purposes. Focus a little more attention on your website. From what I can tell, this is a killer light. I probably want one but as you have read in this thread, folks like me need more information on the beam pattern and light comparisons to other top-shelf lights (Clearwater, Rigid Industries, Vision X, Denali, etc.).

Just like everybody else, your web marketing says your product is wonderful. Clearwater says their light is wonderful. Rigid says their light is wonderful. Vision X says their light is wonderful, ADV Monster says their light is wonderful. We need useful information to choose between all the options out there and nobody provides it. What are the real differences between all the different beam patterns offered?

Be a leader. Show us why we would plunk our cash down on BD equipment. Show us how it is better where it counts; on the seat of a motorcycle, at speed, at night. Lumens is just a value of what is possible based on the LED used. Informed buyers know it is not a good way to choose between different lights. If the optics are crap very little light ends up where you want it. Photos are worthless without similar shots of other lights at the exact same settings. I can make a candle look impressive with long exposure settings.

You are not alone. You have real competition from other vendors. We want useable data for comparisons to make choices. Spend a couple of nights out on a trail with a bunch of your products (dual sport kit, Soltek, La Paz (halogen & HID), Fuego, Strykr, Squadron (driving & spot pattern), etc.) and put together something like this and I suspect you will sell more lights and have more satisfied customers because they will know what to expect.

Rant over.
You're absolutely right, there needs to be a shootout comparison for off-road lights similar to what mtbr does for all the bicycle products they review. The issue that I see with this is there will always be skeptical people that either don't believe the photos or say the camera settings were different so it wasn't a far review. Also we really can't purchase all the other companies lights to do a review because you'll have the same exact issues. Consumers will think photos were either altered or camera settings were changed to make our products look better. Another problem would be the different color temperatures that are used between companies. You'll never be able to use one setting on a camera that will work for every company’s lights. Unfortunately I really don't see any way around this. The only thing that we can do is post as much information as possible about our lights.

Here is what I can tell you though. Every company you mentioned makes great products, but there are things that separate our products from the others. All of our HID and LED lights have a lifetime warranty which I personally think speaks for itself. Also every single one of our off-road lights has been tested in multiple racing environments. Each light has been tested on top trophy truck contenders such has Menzies Motorsports, McMillin Racing, All German Motorsports in addition to other well respected racers and classes in the off road industry. The lights that we sell to the public are the lights racers are winning with. We are also the only lighting company that uses active Thermal Management, Single Layer Solid Core Copper Circuit Boards and aircraft grade aluminum housings that maintain LED temperature within the defined operating limits

I will work on getting the photos and videos you are asking for on ALL of our lights and if anyone has any questions on the lights we sell please feel free to give us a call (760)560-2252.
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