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Originally Posted by Rapid Dog View Post
...those are bitchin' ignatz! Thanks for the info.
Any odd situations with your Kisan using them? I read the comments on the Youtube vid.
Nope, seems as if the Kisan was made for them. The Kisan is an electronic relay, and I'm pretty sure it is load-independent, unlike the stock relay. So far all functions of the Kisan have worked fine with the low power LEDs in place. My thinking is that the stock flasher might give me an immediate "fast flash" operation due to the low draw by the LEDs, since the stock flasher "checks" for burned bulbs by the amperage present to indicate a bulb is out. The Kisan SM-6 is tops with the LEDs so far.

Can't say as much for my Hazard flasher Switch - it broke tonight. No more clicky, no more turning on running lights until it gets replaced. I heard somewhere MaxBMW has a 1 year warranty on BMW parts? With my luck it probably excludes "electronics" like switches.

***EDIT: Fixed the switch!!***
***EDIT: Switch flaked again! New one ordered***
***MaxBMW will initiate a warranty claim on ANY BMW part but you have to pull it and send it to them, and you can't dick with it to try to fix it like I did already***

I was planning on giving the stock relay flasher a test this weekend since I left it mounted in place on the frame for a backup in case the Kisan ever went south. I suppose I can still test the turn signals, but can't test the stock Hazard flash now. Grrr.

I'll update when I can on the stock flasher behavior and what I find for the instrument and idiot light (not GEN light!) replacements.
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