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Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
My rear K60 squared off much to fast. I pulled the rear tire to remove the remains of a broken tire pressure monitor and put something new back on the bike even though the rear only had 5-6K miles. Lots of rubber left, but the profile sucked.

The front K60 is not my favorite tire Don't like the feel/handling. To spite me it wears, and wears, and wears. I have a TKC-80 waiting to go on the bike. It may have to be tossed due to old age before the front K60 wears. 11K on the front K60 so far with lots and lots of rubber left.
I do absolutely agree with you. I would even say that K60 scout sucks. Only slightly better than Tourance in offroad but not even comparable to totally worn out Karoo T... Onroad breaking also disastrous, ABS was always on... And all the handling lacks the feeling of safety. The squares then getting damaged easily. Despite all of that, they are not cheap either. After less than 1.000km I switched back to Karoos and passed the Scouts to my colleague. He hates them too.
Please help us saving the MCE Karoo!
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