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2 stroke Considering Oil-injection to Pre-mix....Mix Ratio??O

I have a F7 Kawasaki enduro, 1975 I think, that I'm considering using as a basis for a street-tracker style bike. Just to keep things as simple and un-cluttered as possible I'm thinking of deleting the oil injection and going to pre-mix. Probably ill-advised, but just for the sake of conversation I'll continue.

I recently got another one of the three identical bikes I bought running, and to be on the safe side, started it with about 30:1 premix and the oil injection still hooked up, just in case the oil injection wasn't working. What smoke!!!! After I determined that the oil injection was working and switched it over to straight gas in the tank....much better. Now that it's running pretty well I'm moving over to project bike #2.

So......based on the 1st bike, maybe 30:1 might be a bit rich, I'm thinking. The oil injection varies the ratio from 70:1 at idle, to much richer at full throttle, if I recall correctly from the manual. What ratio would it take for good engine (cylinder/piston/bearing) protection at sustained higher RPM, without it loading up on oil too badly at idle. I'm thinking a bit of throttle blipping might be necessary to keep it from fouling the plug at idle if it's "oily" enough for the top end RPM? What ratio are other of you pre-mixers using? This will be a street bike.

Thanks, in advance!

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