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Originally Posted by lake_harley View Post
I do indeed understand and respect your advice, and am not questioning the reliability of the system. I more just want to do away with the "side cover" sized oil reservoir.

As far as lubricating engine parts, the intake injection point is only into the air/fuel intake stream. I checked the ports and diagrams in the manual (Kawasaki shop version) and there's no direct oil port(s) going into main bearings, etc., so I feel safe from that respect. I haven't completely decided to do away with the pump, tank and lines, but if I leave it I may come up with some smaller reservoir, just for appearance reasons (ie: give it a more stark, race-bike look).
Other than ratio suggestions, what's a good quality, low-smoke, 2-stroke oil (Oh NO...another oil thread?)?

Hi Lynn,

I like Suzuki and Yamaha oils. Cheap and no smoke. Your bike wont smoke after running it on the street for a bit.

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