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Hi/Lo HID Kit from DDM

So I finally received my 35W 5000K Hi/Lo HID kit from DDM today, or should I say China... They friggin shipped it from china. I figure that would be why I had to pay so much for shipping...

Anyway, not to my surprise due to what I've heard on ADV about the crazy harness they send you, it was pretty bad. I had ordered up the H4 kit for a car because I could always put it in my car if I didn't like it in my bike, but still to my disliking DDM sent me a harness designed for two lights, and there was a great deal of unnecessary wiring.

I laid everything out and ended up cutting off a few connectors from the harness and splicing together several wires to make everything work out; and it did. The difference is night and day, and I really like having the high beam, it totally refocuses the beam.

In comparison to ADV Grifter's install/setup; the way I cut and spliced wires in was really simple. Grifter's install is for the Low beam only, which means you just plug and play the light bulb, ballast, and the stock H4 light bulb adaptor. It's easy, neat, and clean. With the Hi/Lo Kit there really is not much of a difference except you need to hook up the light bulbs solenoid to the high beam switch. This just moves the bulb back and forth changing the beam pattern.

This is where is can get tricky... I hope I can explain this well in writing.... Read carefully... and have a few beers...

Starting from where you unplugged the halogen H4 bulb, this it the H4 socket as pictured

You must plug in the H4 adapter (pictured below) sent with the HID kit, in my case, I cut it off of the harness that came with my kit and spliced it to the correct wires.

Now it's important you take note that the three wires used with the H4 connection are a high beam, low beam, and ground. You must wire the ground and the low beam to the HID ballast. To connect the wires to the ballast I once again just cut the connector off of the harness I was sent, spliced it together, and plugged it into the ballast.

From this point you just plug the wires coming from the ballast into your light bulb. On the Hi/lo beam light bulbs there will be an extra plug-in for the solenoid that operates high beam. This is the plug-in that gets wired to your High beam switch. The solenoid plug-in is the one with small gauge wiring as pictured below.

Now to wire in the solenoid, go back to the H4 adapter you plugged into the stock H4 socket. There was one wire you should still have unused, this is the wire that is normally used for high beam. You must wire this as the positive (RED) to the solenoid connector. Once again, I cut off the connector from the harness that came with the kit and used it. At the solenoid connector you now have a black wire than needs to be spliced into ground (Negative). You will need an electrical wiring tap as pictured below.

Simply run a wire from the solenoid connector and use the tap to connect the solenoid wire to the ground (Negative) wire running to your HID ballast. Confusing, but very simple...

At this point you are basically done except for one thing. If you test your light you will find that the light will run on low beam, and will turn off on high beam, but the solenoid still works for high beam. This is okay, you just need one more of the electrical taps (pictured above). When you switch to high beam, it opens the circuit with low beam, and closes a circuit with high beam, but since the low beam wire is running your HID bulb and ballast, the circuit must remain closed at all times. TO DO THIS: Use the tap to electrically connect two wires running from your high beam switch. One wire is SOLID WHITE, the other is YELLOW+WHITE STRIPE. No wires need to be cut, just install the tap between the two wires. What I did was followed the wires down near the headlight area and tapped them there. Where you tap them is your choice but it must be those two wires.

Your HID light is now ready to be used, and there is not a crazy harness with too much wire all over the place.

Here are some of my end result photo's:

Stock Low Beam

HID Low Beam

HID High Beam

Front of Bike, Note the running lights I've just installed...
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