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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post

In the ranges I'm running, there has been a lot of data taken by others and it's not at all a concern to me. During warm up, my motorcycle runs in the 12s and low 13s. (Warm up isn't the same operational mode as when the ECU is actively controlling exhaust oxygen.)

Others have even disconnected the O2 entirely. (The ECU is capable of a passable imitation of exhaust oxygen control, without an O2 sensor input. The ECU must be able to do that in case the O2 sensor fails.)

Interestingly, the temperature going into the Cat is much lower as the mixture is richened. (The input constituents are relevant, not the input temperature.)

A misfiring cylinder with raw fuel entering the converter could do a lot of damage, like you mention, especially if there is an air leak to provide the amounts of oxygen needed. (Misfire doesn't need an air leak, it supplies its own air.)

Lastly on the issue of risk, the performance gains alone make a small risk (if it even exists) worthwhile. Flying is a risk, motorcycle riding is a risk, my age is a risk. I think I'll just find the best points (the high low limits of Lambda) and enjoy the smooth performance and riding when the spring comes to the Northeast. I should have things worked out by then! (Good luck, traveler!)

Happy Holidays to All,
I'm not talking about risk per se, more I'm talking about understanding the physical processes, and how and why the electronics control those processes.

Happy Holidays to you as well!


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