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Originally Posted by hpa_missouri View Post
I see your f800 is an 09. I wonder if the 2011 model has the same arrangement. A friend in CA just sent me an email with some discussion regarding ethanol and fuel filters.

Water in E-10 fuel is another problem that boaters must deal with. The introduction of water on E-10 fuel can be disastrous. E-10 can hold up to four teaspoons of water in suspension per gallon. Once this saturation point is exceeded, the solution separates and the gas floats on top while the ethanol and water mix on the bottom. This event is called "phase separation". Ethanol fuel can absorb enough water to reach it's phase separation point in just over 3 months at 70% humidity.
While the phase separation slurry in itself can cause problems by clogging fuel systems, the more immediate problem is that the remaining gasoline has now lost it's original octane value which can cause poor running and in some cases engine damage. When phase separation occurs, the fuel should be drained and replaced.
Fuel storage and winterization has to be handled differently when using E-10 fuels. Manufacturers are warning that fuels need to be stabilized if un-used for as little as 2 weeks. Not all stabilizers are known to be E-10 compatible. Non-alcohol based fuel stabilizer additives are a must for ethanol fuel.

I'm thinking that with alcohol now in most gas (ethanol) that the clogging problem was getting worse and maybe someone did a study and decided it would be easier to get rid of the fuel filter and just leave the fuel "strainer" in the system to decrease the number of these types of problems. ??????
Do you know from what article this qoute was taken?
I'd like to read the whole thing if I can find it.........

The part about "non-alcohol" stablizers is new to me ... the Seafoam product that many people use is isopropyl alcohol based ... methanol, ethanol, isopropanol... sigh.........

One of our resident experts Joel Wiseman mentioned in another thread that Stabil is NOT recommended for our bikes.
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