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Made good progress on the Scrambler wiring last night. As I began to untangle the old harness, the first thing I noticed was that the one and only piece needed to repair the broken RH brake lever perch was still there, dangling by the brake switch wires. Hmmm....all I would need to do is disassemble the good starter switch wire and spring assembly from the new switch and install into the old unbroken housing still hanging on the bike. No big problem, other than as I've gotten older my fingers have gotten fatter and less nimble and my eyesight isn't quite as sharp as it used to be. So moved the bike to put it directly under one of the shop lights and began the process. It took a few attempts, but finally got it all together and it appeared to be working. So now onto the wiring.

For some reason, any car, truck or motorcycle I work on looks like Edward Scissor Hands got there before me, note that Edward has carefully trimmed away all bullet connectors and twisted some wires together;

Luckily, the new looms that came with the ebay switches had all of the missing connectors, so I removed all the offending wires, untangled the remaining wires and plugged in the new switch looms;

At this point I installed the freshly charged battery, held my breath and turned the ignition switch on. No smoke, a very good sign! The headlight works perfect, both high and low beam, but the turn signals are funky, probably dirty connections or bad grounds. Also kicked it over and checked for spark, none, so have some trouble shooting to do, but at least the electrical is getting closer.

Probably done with all bike projects till after the holidays, everyone have a Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year!

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