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Originally Posted by willbkari2

Hole, what hole? I tore mine clean off the bike. It took three days to find it as I was going so fast that the distance it took to come to a stop prevented such.Then the bike wouldnt run cause my O2 sensor went with it and I had to push the rig 20 miles to nearest Hwy and wait three days for the nearest dealer to send another cat and O2 sensor. Then I found that the hit was so hard that it tore the wiring for the sensor clean out of the harness! Happened to be a yard sale nearby so I bought a lamp for .50 and re-wired the rig. Runs better now than it ever did. I have it for sale now.

Thats my story.

O, what a mess! If only I had one of these quality made plates in place, my life would have been a whole lot easier.

You know what I mean?
Push it 20 miles Glad I own a KLR i'd throw it into bushes and start walking .
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