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Originally Posted by pnoman View Post

Nice tag. Thanks for bringing this back to life - if even for a day.

Dang, you were only 1/2 mile from my house. Shouldda stopped by.

Safe riding to you! Looking forward to the next courthouse.

Crap! Wish I'd have known I'd have stopped bye! I sat at Hardees and warmed my butt there for a few and sipped a coke. I slogged clear up to Bruceton Mills and back last night. Felt good to get out and stretch the beemers legs. Haven't figured my new courthouse location though. I'm gonna try not to do my usual pleastants or tyler county areas. I'm gonna try to pick another. There's two I have in mind, we'll see how the post-christmas weather and time frame shape up. Although based off last nights ride, it would just have to not snow alot and I'll ride
Also even if I did resurect it for a day, it did manage to give me a deuce tag lastnight. Far from the trifecta, but not to shabby for a dreary winters night.

PS: I did think of how bad TOR misses you last night by the way. I was thinking "a married guy with kids isn't meant to be the pseudo-pnoman" There never will be another pnoman or any other tagger like you so we gotta get you back on wheels some day!
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