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new data

I dismantled the No.3 stator this morning. It appears that the "pole" which started to heat-up is the one at 180 degrees, the one right at the bottom. I don't know if it means anything, or if it gives credit to cowboy's assumption that there is too much heat coming from the exhaust, this is indeed the point closest to the exhaust.
Stay tuned I will post pictures when I download them from the phone.
In terms of data.
the battery seems to have suffered from this 2000 km ride on battery...
ignition off, 12.41 V
ignition on, headlight on, not running, 11.95 V
bike started, idle, 11.98 V

Now the stator (No. 3)
resistance between all 3 phases, almost zero
resistance between ground and each phase, open circuit.

Voltage output
between Ground and
phase 1: 1.06
phase 2: 0.99
phase 3: 0.6

between phases, at idle
1-2: 2.10
2-3: 1.98
1-3: 1.6
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