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Originally Posted by kezzajohnson View Post
The one you want is the nearest one in the pic (in link above) Mxrob had listed the part number for it X40F0X and that it the 01/02 Titanium model. Mxrob is in California or one of the States (I think).

As this is an Australian Thread, the one you should be looking for is actually part number X40FIX which is the same as the above, just the Australian version (probably slight different internally because of emission rules.

I got mine (below) off e-bay (Au) for $50.00 plus postage about 12 months ago. Only just fitted it though and I couldn't believe no one else was bidding on it and I have never seen one since. Including materials and labour to have my own mid-pipe (my own design and bends), and a flange cut (all stainless steel) made up, the system has cost me about about $250.00 (AUS) to produce. It works great and is a mega difference from the Supertrapp that was fitted. I even got a set of GSXR1000 indicators with it free which I am going to put on my other half's DRZ250 that has OEM indicators on the back that act like wings.

Who's the foot belong to in the backgrond whose big toe isn't really their BIG toe? (you live near a nuclear power plant or something?)
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