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You lucky dog-----------I've been plotting to ride this road along the Mexican border for years.
Rode down there once--and was turned away in Ajo---as they said motorcycles weren't allowed.

I've called them several times since-----and would get conflicting answers to whether or not I could ride my motorcycle across the preserve.

Then the one final pisser 2 years later----I got an OK from some lady there over the phone and I thought---alright I'm finally going to get to ride it ----and right before I left I called again to confirm and she still said it was OK---but wait she said---let me talk to my supervisor---------who then turned me down.

Man was I aggravated-glad you got to-------hope you got good pics

I was told the same thing last year which it's why I did it the other direction last year. The Cabeza Prieta NWR had a long standing "policy" of not issuing permits to motorcycles. The Marines in Yuma however, have no such policy so I got my permit from them last year. After asking a few questions and not liking the answers, I got the Blue Ribbon Coalition involved who brought in the AMA. We were able to find specific wording in the travel management plan allowing motorcycle access. Then after a few more months of the refuge manager convincing his bosses to do the right thing they finally issued a press release stating the refuge would be reversing the policy and begin issuing the permits. Thanks to the newly appointed manager Sid Slone for making it happen.
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