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Hi Manuel,
Sounds like normal gearbox with no load your bike is a 1995 GS so you may have the M95 transmission with roller bearings so it might just need reshiming....., however my M79 gearbox, if the rear input shaft bearing is gone like my photos it would sound a bit like your gearbox, what does it sound like on the road?, when decelerating in 2nd gear around 30kmph it will give a Grrrrrrr sound.
How much metal is on the gearbox drain plug, if there is a fine black paste then this is normal...well better than pieces of the bearing ball roller race which you will find if the bearing is gone.

Originally Posted by Murkidi View Post
hello OZROB, I am havinng son strange noises from my tranny or tha clutch not sure could you help me identify it, heres a video i made and post in youtube,

you would hear that when i press the clutch the noise stops, I am not sure if is the tranny that stop spining or the clutch rode and piston that get press ???

I will apresiate your help to i dentify this noise if is the same that you had in your tranny

thanks in advance

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