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Closing the season with a little ride, Day 1+Day 2= 729km
"Novorossiysk Krasnaya Polyana Novorossiysk -- D1 (303km)
December 13 - Start: 8.00am -- Finish: 6pm Kilometers: 303km
Weather: Sun +12C

Why 10 hours for only 300km?
Well by car from Novo to Sochi it's around 5 hours. Lot of cars and the worst: trucks. One miss a curve early morning and went done the talweg, rescue were still at work a few kilometers after one was almost inside an house...
6 places with half a way and traffic lights due to repair on the road, last year there was a landslide and no road until they remove the rocks and "secure" the place. To prevent such landslide the drive piles and built retaining walls.
Even with a good car, whatever the season, you get "tired" after this road: up&down - turn left/turn right, low speed, road in bad condition.

Then in Sochi I make a first stop at the central marina, then a second close to the church and I went to the tea plantation. There was two roads after the "factory building", the first goes to the "old" plantation then from the top I can see the green plantation, went down and go up, I was lucky the gate was open to the track so I have the pictures I wanted: after the Ural on the paddy fields the Ural on the Tea plantation.

Just before the entrance of a village I have been overtaken by a X6 M, very nice sound, the funny think is that 90km after I was just behind him... I was even suprised myself because I stop a lot of time to take some pictures but maybe he stop also a lot of time to refuel :lol:

Not far from the administrative area of Sochi I have been stop by the police, I know I wasn't speeding (don't laught), I haven't cross a white line either, so I suspected that as usual "pure curiosity" bingo... The policeman ask me:
Do you have your documents? Yes
They are ok? Yes
Well, he hesitate, then can I see youre driving license? Sure, I just pick my documents and was ready to open the folder to show him but he say: It's ok no need...
And of course we start to talk about the Ural, the specifications, the price, my country, ...
At the entrance of Sochi there is still a Police check point, in many place they have removed, so either you have to stop when they install the pannel or just go slowly. I stop and when I restart I clearly hear: "Au revoir" in french...
I didn't recognise my previous policeman so I suppose I just make a radio call to inform them...

More fun with the police:
At one traffic light I was the first, in fact I was following the others cars but the light was red they continue I stopped (good boy) so I was at the first place, then came a police car with the siren and the flashing lights, she overtook all the cars and trucks behind me but due to the overcoming traffic she stop close to me.
Green light:
I let him go first (good boy) the driver didn't put the sirens but was with the flashing lights on, I was just behind for a few kilometers, the road is narrow a lot of curves...
I was smiling (bad boy)
- when a Mercedes, crossing the white line, mean on the opposite lane, as pull quickly in front of the police car, not sure I will had pull so quickly if I was opening the road.
- also to see the interrogations of the others drivers: a police car with flashing lights and an Ural behind, usually it's a big german car :lol:

After the center of Sochi I went to the tea plantation, decide to follow the first road after the "factory" but it was the old plantation, nice view, I can see the new plantation not far, so just some pictures, went down then up again and I was lucky find the gate open so more pictures in the middle of the tea plantation.

Buy some tea at the factory store and went to an hotel near by.


Sochi far away:


"Novorossiysk Krasnaya Polyana Novorossiysk -- D2 (426km)
Start: 9.00am -- Finish: 9pm Kilometers: 426km -- D1+D2: 729km
Weather: Sun +12C

So, after some pictures at Adler on the sea side, including the buildings for the JO, I went to Krasnaya Polyana, As you can see on the picture no snow, at this level. To find the snow you have to go up using the cabins. I quickly try some access road but each time there was a security guard: "no tourist", access only with a badge for cars and truck working on site...
Ok it will have been "nice" to try the K37 on the snow but in the other hand, I have got a nice weather for this little ride, so maybe next time.

Nothing special today, some guy with Supersport bike were having fun a few kilometers after Sochi in a up&down - left&right section.
I have been stopped twice by the police at checkpoints.
- the first was as usual curious, but he check the bike document and my driving license, then looking at the picture, he ask me: "You sure it's you?" As usual I kept my helmet... We laught then I wish me a safe journey.
- the second, not curious for the Ural but for my documents: driving license, bike registration, insurance then he ask me my passport. So this time I remove my helmet and start to give him all except my passeport, I hold it and saw him the pages...

From the sea side at Adler to Krasnaya Polyana:

Construction for the Olympic Games 2014:

So for me this little ride is the end of the 2011 season, Monday I have to go to work far away.
I will clean the Ural tomorrow, then let him in the garage till mid-January.
Then back at home I will open the 2012 season :lol:

up&down / left&right by Google Earth:

(no the straight line is not a road...)
Russia, Ural - Ride reports:

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