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It's quite a while since I posted on here, I'm afraid. Anhyow, I'm back and thought I should show my G/S.
Here's my 1981 G/S No 4878. Pictured on the day I bought it two years ago. A running redurbishment. It now has new rims and spokes, sorted gearbox ( expensive, but now very sweet for a BM) and new bearings in the bevel drive unit, etc, etc. Paint job due next.

After just a few months of ownership I was feeling the G/S was probably my favourite bike both to ride and own.

Recently I've moved to live in a more rural part of the country and now I regard the G/S as just awesome. I'd thought, crossing continents and alpine adventures were the situations where the G/S wouldd really impress. I now find it's perfect for our fenland roads, which are subject to extreme and sudden subsidence. Humps and bumps, huge cracks and weird cambers appear. I'd promised myself I'd be gentle with this machine, respectful of its age, etc, but I can't help getting a little air-time now and again. Though I am trying to be careful, it's a long time since I owned a lively XT600 and the BM is a touch heavier.
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