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Now, with my seat figured out this morning I was able to return to the subframe reinforcement.
I'm an amateur welder playing on a chinsese multifunction ac/dc TIG. I've been hesitant to do the subframe myself. After mocking up my reinforcements in some random mild steel seamed tube (as posted earlier in the thread) I finished making the final ones out some seamless hydraulic tube. While the bends to get around the shock, the pannier frames and the exhaust were all tricky, the really hard bit was griding the tube to mate flush with the subframe (so that my average welding skills had a chance of successfully joining them)
My welds aren't pretty, but I'm pretty sure they are strong- today I decided to just go for it. Making the seat frame had gotten my confidence up to the point where I didn't have to think about much anymore.

first brace done- this one came out pretty good.

second brace followed- not quite as pretty, but still good. No photo it seems.

Next was figuring out pannier frame mounts- because I don't have the stock rear rack (which I believe the rear pannier frame mounts bolt to?) I had to figure something else out. The stock left pannier frame had a lot of wasted space between it and my exhaust, so I moved it in a bit.
Both stock rear mounts on the pannier frames were cut off and new ones made- these mount to the subframe on some gussets I welded onto the bottom of the indicator crossmember (gusseted becuase it is now loadbearing).

I think it worked out OK.

here's a heap of photos in no particular order,

more of the seat stuff,

because there will be a lot of weight on the back of this pillion seat I've made a support plate for it,

all bolted back together,

rear pannier frame mounts and indicator crossmember gusset- flash photography at night really makes these welds look a lot dirtier than they are

now without the pillion seat,
I may make a simple and light aluminium tray type thing that will quickly bolt on and off (in place of the pillion seat), or I might just leave it as is

shoved the fender back in for a photo, and visible also is the /6 knee pads I've had on there for a while so see if I like them

Now a question I'd welcome some opinion on- I was originally planning to weld tabs onto the subframe reinforcement and the loops of the pannier frames where they cross each other and bolt them together... sort of tie-in the subframe to the pannier frames a bit more.
you can see where they cross in both these photos- in the first photo you can see where I have ground back the powdercoat ready to weld a tab on,

However, as things are right now it feels pretty damn solid and good.
Aesthetically I'd rather not weld on tabs to my subframe reinforcements, as it kind of ruins their nice clean lines if I ever strip the bike down to 'dirt bike' mode without pannier frames.. also I wonder if it isn't a bad idea to keep the pannier frames more separate as kind of crumple zones- damaging only them in tipovers...
anyway, I'd welcome opinions on this. I'll also be making a crossover between the rear of the pannier frames so they will be pretty solid without these extra tabs.

lastly, just more of the same but this time with the stock battery covers on- YES they still fit (this was pretty tricky with the subframe reinforcments and I wasn't sure if it was going to work out)

and thats about it for tonight.
Please forgive the long rambling posts, the horribly unflattering flash photography, the messy shed and the piles of photos that are all similar to eachother.
Tomorrow I move onto the rear luggage rack which will also have a good cross brace between the rear of the pannier frames.

Time for bed so I can do it all over again in the morning.

P.S. Sibbo, if you read this- did you ever get a single seat or a seat pan to try to make a single seat?
You can have the front of my stock double seat if you want it. Due to cutting it a little wrong at first it is a little shorter than the G/SPD single seat but it feels like it would be long enough to work.
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