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Originally Posted by dendrophobe View Post
Tires! With all those offroad oriented accessories, and you still have those tires... You'd get a lot of performance out of a set of TKCs, K60s or Kenda Big Blocks. Just sayin.

But I'd definitely go for a new can first over the headers. Aftermarket muffler would be cheaper as well as offering a greater weight savings than headers. Put headers last on your list, after pretty much everything else you want to do...
I know i need tires! the reason i need/ want the headers is because i crushed them a week after i bought the bike and i havent seen any drop in performance but i can see alot of discoloration in the pipes compared to my buddies bike.

So im worried the longer i wait the more chance i have a chance of f*#king up the valves because the extra heat and back pressure. i would rather spend $500 on headers than 3k on a valve rebuild.

my pipes are a dark brown with some rainbow color, and my buddies bike is still that nice gold color. we ride the same trails and have had our bikes for almost the same time.
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