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Thumb NC-North-Central-Tag-A-Rama Game - Including Southern Virginia

North Carolina North-Central Tag-A-Rama Game - NCNCTAR.
- including Southern Virginia -

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It's for the guys and gals in the upper-middle .. not income, the state you hooligan(s) .. and anyone else who wants to join in .. the more the merrier!!

The Rules are pretty much the same as the NC State Tag-O-Rama with only minimal changes .. and a little break-down to make it clear (as mud).

#1 - Boundaries: See the Map ..

a. With I-77 as the Western Boundary we will use ..

b. North Carolina Counties of:
Surry, Stokes, Rockingham, Caswell, Yadkin, Forsyth, Guilford, Alamance, Iredell, Davie, Rowan, Davidson, and Randolph Counties ..

c. Virginia Counties of Carroll, Patrick, Henry, and Pittsylvania (added July 2012) ..

.. that's the playing field. This should allow for plenty of opportunities for "the steal" for all of the surrounding areas and not impinge on the other local games (like the Triad, Appalachian, or Virgina games).

#2 - File Tags can be used to PLACE the tag, not to get/grab the tag. 'Nuff said.

#3 - Tag-Placing Rule #1 - The General Site - Gravel, Paved Roads, "whatever", are all fair game as long as they meet three criteria; SAFE, LEGAL, PUBLIC ACCESS. Tags need to be in/on a public, maintained, and legally accessed roadway or parking area .. though the middle of a field may be pretty, just make sure it is legally and safely accessible for all bikes including cruisers (those silly one-wheel things are one their own). It is possible to take a picture from a public place with a private or inaccessible place in the background, please make sure we don't break the law or violate someone's privacy by doing so.

#4 - Tag-Placing Rule #2 - Limited-Access Tag Sites - Where there are gates, seasonal limits, big dogs, etc., you are REQUIRED to place an alternate picture site. It can be a gate, it can be a sign, but it must be something unique to that site that identifies the location (not some generic "No Loitering" sign). It would be better to avoid those locations, but honestly, I like learning about the area surrounding me, so don't limit the sites strictly based on limited access (Guilford Courthouse National Military Park would be a great example - HINT).

#5 - Tag shots (the grab) shall be as close to the original (placed tag) as safely possible (fwiw, you are not disqualified for parking on the sidewalk to avoid getting run over .. SAFETY FIRST!), but lets not make a habit out of illegally parking for a tag shot (and paying "the man" for the privilege of doing so). Try to be an ambassador for good public relations, and not a trouble maker and you will "win" every time. After-hours shots (for you night-time stealth taggers) will have to have a gate or alternate location and will be considered legal as long as it CLEARLY identifies the site and is a current photograph (not a file tag).

#6 - No Whining - okay .. the NC State game says no whining because it's to far .. that should not be a problem .. still, NO WHINING! .. please ..

#7 - Findable - Leave good clues or make sure your picture has enough information that the goggle-limited can find it. If it stays "in place" for "to long" (because we can't find it, not because it is stuck in a blizzard or heat wave) then you need to just let us know where it's at or post up some better clues.

#8 - Place the new tag in 24 hours - similar to the NC State Game. If something goes horribly wrong let us know and we'll "punt" it from there. The "punt" will be: The previous tag can be "re-tagged" and then "carried forward" by the new tagger. The only exception, if, by consensus of the players, someone asks for more time because of a mechanical failure or family emergency then "the punt" may be delayed for 24 hours (totaling 48 hours from the grab). To be clear (as mud), "The Punt" falls back to the tag site, not the tagger or any individual. This is to keep the game moving if someone is MIA.

#9 - He whom posts first wins. Period. Smart-tech allowed.

#10 - Rules Changing or Updating - By consensus of the players. "Things" change and people move on. If everyone wants to try something different then go for it. There is no sense in killing the game(s) if the players want to try something new/old.

Let's have some fun .. Let's be safe .. Let's keep it moving ..

UPDATE (12-28-2011) - Not a rule, yet - I just found out that our buddy DEPARKER1817 originally suggested this tag game and one of his original suggestions was that for every 100th tag we should try to set it up as an eatery for a Meet-and-Greet for any riders that would like to meet up. I think that's a GREAT idea .. so let's try to do that ..

UPDATE (07-09-2012) - Poll/Vote and discussion among players added the southern counties of Virginia to the game area (green colored updates noted with this update) .. also did some editing/clarifying.

(Note: I am firmly placing the blame on another inmate for this .. KingJarhead .. it's your fault .. it's was his original map that got this rolling ..)

Edit: oh yeah .. in case no one figured it out .. this is, in fact, RevBill using an alt account and in violation of the TOU/TOR as stated on the ADVRider website .. sue me. It is my hope that more than one of you will join me in keeping this thread up to date, or I will pass the torch (and the login info) along as time goes by .. I just didn't want to use my primary account and then no one could continue to update the game if I drop out or get hit by a bus.

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