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Question TE250 considerations

Semi-n00b here.
I had an '06 TE610 a earlier this year and found less than inspiring on the trail. (My previous bike was a 950 Adventure).
The TE was really tall and fairly bulky for it's power Suspension was great. But I sold it.
I was inspired by my buddy's WR250R. Light and agile, albeit kind of anemic.
But I digress. Point is I've decided to go light from here on out.

I have a couple questions to youse in the know.
I have a chance to pick up a bone stock 2009 TE250 with about 2 hours on it for $4K OTD.
Bluebook on the bike is $4030.

That sound like a good deal?
$4K is the absolute max I can spend.

Is the TE250 bike as tall as say the TE610?
I Koubalinked the TE610 and it was still taller than I liked.

How is the TE250 as a dualsport in comparison to say, something like the WR250R?

Being an old dude with fairly decent offroad skills, I'm going light to keep me from popping a disc (or worse) picking up a beast.

Being a harder-edge bike, how is the TE250 the reliability and maintenance department?

I want to ride more and maintain less...

Thanks forward ya'll.
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