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Cleaning the Scrambler fuel tank

As the Scrambler inches ever closer to running, next up is the fuel tank. At first glance it looks deceptively dirty and rusty, but on closer examination it has been coated with some kind of tank liner that has become stained and dirty, adding to the overall crusty look.


I decided to try the Coca-Cola method of cleaning and had read that the phosphoric acid in the cola is what does the work, so had the wife buy some cheapo cola and just made sure it had phosphoric acid as an ingredient.

Crisp & Refreshing;

Plugged the holes;


8 liters and still could have put in another cup or two;


After a two hour soak, I thoroughly rinsed and drained the tank and then rinsed again with a coating of WD-40. If you carefully compare the first and last photos you can see where the rust at the bottom of the tank has all but disappeared. What remains now is the stained lining. At this point I'm planning to put on a good fuel filter and give it a try.
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