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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Thank you - your English is better than mine ... and I only know English

100C would be 212F and I can easily see the stator exceeding that temperature.
"Thermal cycling" of the stator from a high-side temperature that is too high seems a very likely explaination.

I wonder - Is there a better grade of insulation available?

VTBob: I see your point on not wanting a de-tuned stator as the solution ... you Vermont-riders likely need all 400W from time to time. The good news is that when you need the 400W the outside temp. is so low the stator may not care?

My hope for insulating the exhaust header was not that it was a real CURE, but only that it would help things a bit ... esp. during low speed operation in hot environment....
*lol* Thank you for being tolerant I promise that I'll try to improve

[better insulation]
Thats exactly what I asked the Bosch worker and he said that he does not know for sure but he also said that he is very sure that if the coat is too thick it will quickly crumble and the stator will die even quicker.
Frankly speaking, I am happy that I know about this issue but I am also sad cuase I dont have a clue how we could fix this
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