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A First Hare Scramble Blow by Blow

7 days before my second race to be in MYAKKA FL, I was doing one last bit of routine maintenance when all hell broke loose...... I went to change the NGK SPARK PLUG left in there by the PO. I had no idea how old it was cause this bike is new to me so I figured I should start fresh......

Well it was frozen in there good. REALLY GOOD. Instead of shooting PB or WD in the hole and walking away I let my buddy use a breaker bar on it.....I know I know....stupid. Well it sheared at the threads flush with the hole. YUCH.

Tried to drill it out and got a nice straight hole thru the center without hitting the threads.

Turns out the hole was holding water and must have let a ton of corrosion develop on the long fine threads this plug /head have.

With the next race 7 days away I had to act fast. After checking around, It was determined that I'd have to fix it myself.

With the help of the forums at Thumper Talk, and the guidance of a mechanic friend Justin via phone, I got a manual and studied online videos on YZ250f head removal and reassembly (very cool).

I posted the whole saga with close up pics here:

I ended up having to miss the Myakka race due to this problem, but after some patience and guidance, a good manual and torque wrench, I was able to get it all back together perfect.

Waiting 2 months for the next race has been I spent the time doing a whole bunch of upgrades in the spirit of Christmas... Black Friday rocked! I got my Leatt, Tires, skidplate, brakes, and a bunch of other goodies.

In the end, It cost me under $100.00 to fix it and that includes the micro torque wrench that i now have. I also know the torque specs for every last bolt and found the motor was cherry inside. It runs & starts better than ever now so its all good.

The end it took three of us to get the threads out.... One holding the head, one guy on each side cranking on 2 diff easy-outs at the same time.... One top one bottom.

Cant wait for the New Year and the next race in Brooksville FL.

Fingers crossed ....

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