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Originally Posted by aplandscaping View Post
Isn't it supposed to be Tag "O" Rama?
On another note, I just learned that I have lived in Asheboro county my entire life!
.. now ya see .. this is the Tarheel State .. so I went with Tag-A-Rama .. TAR ..

.. no other reason than that .. but it was deliberate ..

.. and very kewl about living your life in one place .. I grew up as an Army brat .. until I moved to Tampa in 1980 I had never lived in one place more than four years .. and only during the school year then .. lol ..

.. Been in NC since 2000 .. and half of that in Greensboro .. and the other half in the boom metropolis of Mayodan .. I love Mayodan .. nice .. small .. comfy ..

.. though I do admit .. there is a part of me that envies those of you who can clearly point to "home" .. from where I am standing (and have stood), one place to come home to is a great thing ..
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