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Blendzol or nitro?
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Bitchen idea, hope you get to manufacture these things

If I lived a little closer to Boise, I'd be atcher place drinking your beer trying to figure an angle to get Boise Inc. to finance these deals. Maybe offer to skin them in cardboard or pulp board. How about the Idaho potato growers association. Those guys have a pretty big marketing budget. Maybe you could explain that an Idaho Spud on wheels
could likely go international thus spreading the Tater good will. I can see it now; big old stickers on these dudes as they roll off the assembly line telling all the people that Idaho potatos are naturally happy, and thus are almost as good as
Granola and dreadlock soup. All financed by greedy farm loan bankers.

Mister, you have a good idea, and if there are guys here and now who want to buy one of these little gems, how about
offering these same good trailerless souls an opportunity to not only own the product, but to be an owner in the company who makes em. Yep, why not ask for payment in advance, and offer a one thousandth share in the company
as a bonus for not being greedy and investing and waiting for their Spud to roll out.

Get the Idaho tourism board involved and offer to put little Idaho maps in each Spud you sell to the guys who will ride and buy. These are the same guys who would fly and ride if these had an engine. And don't forget the accessories. Knobbies, aluminum handles, lighter than smoke frame, custom flames, convertible fishing rod/CB antennas, membership in the hottest club around "The Spud Gunners". Membership includes a discount card at the motorcycle shop, and an annual entry into the Eastern Oregon Antelope tag lottery.

I know you are serious about this, and I do wish you luck during the development of your cool as sheet idea. Chalk me in for a set of plans and the discount card.
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