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Grab List 3

So I've figured out that this game is just plain evil. Not only did it piss me off and trigger my OCD that I couldn't find a public static display anywhere nearby (I spent a good 8 hours searching the internet for one) but it's enabling my tagging addiction....multiple grabs in the same game means more seat time.

Instead of sleeping tonight I decided to go out into the frigid night and grab all these tags at once. 200 miles of back roads under the stars at ~32 degrees in the middle of the night. (That be 5 hours in the saddle dodging deer and drunks tonight).

I got to my first tag (68 miles into the ride) and realized I didn't have a blue towel handy. So I substituted what I did have, a blue cambelback bladder that I draped on my windshield for each photo, not that you could see it in most of them but if you look closely the shadow is there. [[[Could be considered blue cloth when you consider that most cloth is now synthetic polymer instead of natural material]]] It was the best I could do in the middle of cotton country in the dead of night without a flashlight handy or another person to hold it and illuminate my bike.

1) A Watertower: This National Register water tower was Raleighs first...erected in 1887. Photo taken at the base as can be seen on the website.

2) Static display aircraft/helicopter: I grabbed this one time before for the NA wildcard game. It's a Matador out in BFE Pikeville NC. Both a rocket and an airplane, this hybrid long distance surface to surface missile uses a turbojet engine for propulsion once airborne and a rocket to get off the ground. If there is any question as to whether or not it's an aircraft, the air force originally referred to them as "bombers" and gave them a specific aircraft designation B-61.

3) A Clock Tower: NCSU Campus

4) A Shooting Range: Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center - Tryon Rd in Raleigh. Good folks. Good range.

5) A Dragstrip: Dunn-Benson Dragstrip. It was really strange driving up on this as it sits right in the middle of a populated rural neighborhood. Finding it was kind of fun. Got lost on the way there from the Static Display grab. Ended up riding through Bentonville Battlefield then getting a bit freaked out as a state trooper came up on me doing what must have been mach 20, passed me in a cloud of dust, and sped off into the horizon still doing mach 20.

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