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Iain the miracle man [Posted on December 30, 2011 by Malcolm]

We may have a lifeline! Iain managed to confirm that the boat was eighth in line for processing at the port and if we could change this we would have a shot at making the start. The port authority said this could be done for $150K which at least proved that it was possible. Iain then made contact with Argentinian customs, the logistics company, the SA government and the Dakar organisation. After many phone calls at the highest level it was agreed that the boat could dock at 11 AM on the 31st. We will now clear customs at the port and pack the race bikes on the Memo Tour trailer to be rushed to MDP. Dakar organisers have agreed late scruitineering, The supporters plan to ride to MDP as soon as possible and try and make the New Year celebrations. Hopefully no more problems with this roller coaster.

Fark me that is seriously down to the wire.....

Darryl Curtis pretending he is not worried with a fan at documentation yesterday.
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