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A moment to remember

Events like this are a good way to make people know about the history of some places. We are still judging the militars that were responsible for the kidnapping, torture and dissappear of almost 30.000 people in the late '70, and still trying to find around 400 35 year old (in that moment kids) who were stolen from their families and given to other, lying about their identities.

Base Naval, where parc ferme is places, was in that times, a clandestine center of detentions.

thanks for reading!

google translate (shortened by me)
Dakar, with room for memory
Human rights bodies of the spa town it reminded participants that enroll their machines in the Naval Base. Not everyone completed the task, but today starts the technical verification, which runs until tomorrow.
Meanwhile, human rights organizations released a Mar del Plata statement, written in six languages, including the Dakar participants who were yesterday at the Naval Base to inform them that there ran a clandestine detention center during the military dictatorship.
"Dear athletes and members of participating teams: we want to put in your knowledge that the place where you installed the parc ferme that meets your vehicles and equipment, operated during the years of military dictatorship that devastated our country from 1976 to 1983 a Center clandestine Detention, called Naval Base, "the statement said, clarifying that" our city has more than 400 detainees disappeared by this clandestine center and spent most of them. "
"We'd like before your departure, you and your teams place a flower as a way to remember the victims of state terrorism," added the agencies. The machines will leave the park closed between 15 and 21 on Saturday towards the Rambla de Mar del Plata for the symbolic start, the test will be implemented effectively on Sunday from 5, with the first stage ending in Santa Rosa.
On Sunday 1 st, the Dakar leave Mar del Plata: Local estimates suggest that the Dakar fever occur in the spa town an estimated movement between 45 to 50 million dollars.
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