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Originally Posted by Steveman View Post
Well, ...assuming that BMW will not do anything to help finding an acceptable solution we then should reduce our efforts to find the cause(s) and put even more effort into reducing the stator coils temperature, meaning all following points could (and most likely will) reduce stator temperature, thus extending its life cycle

.) reduce exhaust tubes temperature (heat shield, heat wrap, coating etc.)
.) reduce engine temperature (different thermostat, bigger waterpump rotor, free airflow to radiator)
.) use different regulator (compu-fire may work)
.) use stator from Camro or other brand or rework existing one
.) reduce maximum alternator power
.) improve contact surface between stator coil and engine cover

anything else? By the way has anyone done the regulator mod?

The oil level is above the bottom of the flywheel right?
If so ... perhaps several small holes drilled thru the flywheel at an angle of attack such that they would "push" oil into the interior where the stator is located? You'd want to avoid drilling through the magnets which might not be possible....
I'm sure I'm doing a crappy job of explaining what I'm thinking.........

Maybe this will need a picture...........
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