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Dec 12th- ish

Today's mission: To see if I can find snow! This may be the warmest place in Canada during winter, but we still get our share of snow and ice in the hills. Last year, Mt. Washington ski resort had something like a 50 foot base or something ridiculous!


I decided to head behind Shawnigan up Kapoor main towards the San Juan River valley, and not 15 minutes into the ride, its getting really icy! It is like this for about the next 10 kilometers. There's that low, burning orb in the sky I keep complaining about!


I used to ride a mountain bike throughout the year when I lived in Prince George. My friends and I used to stud our own tires, snowshoe out a bike trail, and ride after it was packed down. This primed me pretty good for the slick conditions today, and I was actually surprised to find that I had a lot more traction than I thought I would, compared to the mountain bike- even without studs in my tires! I guess the extra 300 pounds of bike makes all the difference! I did take it easy though, not going much faster than about 35 kph.


I find it interesting that the backroads out here are kept in such good shape, and are even properly plowed and sanded when they get dumped on. 4 inches of snow in downtown Victoria brings absolute chaos! there is widespread panic, people fight for the last snow shovels, and collisions happen in slow motion throughout the city!
I saw a lot of trucks in the bush up here today, and they all seemed to be competent, reserved drivers. It's a real contrast compared to the city.


Of course, this is a good reason to take it easy too!

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