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Well, this one's certainly got my interest peaked. Altho my problems are "apparently" fixed as mine failed around 50000 and just inside of my warranty time. I posted it somewhere but cant remember. Thing is, Rick, my mechanic is an old timer with a lot of previous experience on Ducs and he said stators were always failing back ten or twenty years ago. He had no offering of why the Beemers' are failing but did what they used to do with the Ducatis. Which is, ground the regulator with an extra wire. Said it fixed the Duc problem. Don't know if it's going to fix future failures for me or not and with heat more likely than not seeming to be a contributing factor, I'll be looking into the wrap myself. As for the bashplate being a contributing factor, a big portion of the failures have been S models, haven't they? The road bike? Doesn't have a bash plate does it?
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