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Tagged .. I was stunned this was still sitting .. So gotcha ..

I'll post some more when I get home ..

Sent from RevBill's iPhone using Tapatalk .. Ride Blessed y'all ..

Edit .. the rest of the story (all apologies to Paul Harvey) ..

The family and I were supposed to be spending New Years Eve with the In-Laws .. but unfortunately our hostess (my sister-in-law) had a tough reaction to her chemo treatment yesterday so the events were cancelled late this morning (and yes, all prayers are greatfully accepted) ..

.. so, says I, time to (finally) swap out that chain and check those sprockets that I have never bothered to look at since I purchased the bike in April .. after throwing the chain twice this past month and noticing all that silver glitter that was starting to build up with the cast-off lube I knew the chain was over-due for a replacement .. not to mention it was already to late to go chasing after the krew over at Wilson's Creek this weekend (dangit) .. yeah .. so .. here ya go .. Hint: yer chain ain't supposed to bend this way (that's on the bias folks, the links are laying flat and that's how much flex that baby had from side-to-side .. I have seen worse, but that's bad enough ..

.. and no optical illusion .. those sprockets are actually "grooved" (not bent) in-line .. not bent to the side .. yeesh .. never pushed one that far before ..

.. okay .. so .. got the chain and sprockets swapped .. adjusted .. washed off half a pound of greasy crap (just wait until the wife looks in her kitchen sink .. rut roh) .. anyway .. the wife was on the 'puter .. logged on with the iPhone and saw the tag still standing .. figured I needed to check out the new chain and sprockets (went to a 16 front) .. and I had not had the chance to go down Delta Church Road which turns into Sheppard Mill Road with the KLR, just my cruiser about four years ago .. .. so Sheppard Mill Road, which is where the tag was .. and it's only about 20 minutes away unless I get stuck in traffic or behind a logging truck .. yeah beby .. great road .. nice speedy turns with some great sweepers .. plenty of gravel and logging debris to make you stay one yer toes .. so off I went ..

Moratock Furnace in Moratock Park, Sheppard Mill Road, Danbury, Stokes County, NC.

"Moratock Park is a public park in Danbury, North Carolina that includes the site of Moratock Iron Furnace. Union cavalry, under the command of George Stoneman, destroyed most of the original foundryworks while conducting raids through the area in 1865 during the American Civil War."

.. this sits right next to one of the best swimming holes on the Dan .. big picnic shelter nearby .. open fields close too .. if we ever have a cook out with the families this would be on my short-list ..

.. okay .. new tag in the morning .. y'all have a great night ..

Ride Blessed ..

... oh yeah .. love the 16 front .. just perfect for my riding style ..
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