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International relations

My $.02 with 49 countries under my belt and 50 to 54 by the end of January is this. I have never, ever, encountered anti-americanism in any country. In Alsace region, a lady was hesitant seeing my 'D' plated Audi with a "Deutsch?" I replied, "Non. American." "ahhhh, American (with a big smile with missing teeth). blah-blah-blah." During which I could not understand. The closest I came to anti-Americanism was in Republica Dominicana last May when I told a kid wearing a Che shirt that Che was a murdered, a thug, a communist, and no one to be proud of. He didn't like that, but many people are brainwashed and know no difference.

French are great people. Thanks to them, as General Washington frequently credited, we were able to become a country. The French financed us, they conducted a naval blockade, and many civilians and military personnel joined the Continental Army. Our founding documents' thinking was built upon French Enlightenment thinking.

Be aware, be good, and try to say even if horribly some of the language in the country you're visiting. Eat the local foods. Don't be loud and disrespectful (definition varies by country). In France, start with a 'Bonjour' even if you know nothing else. After all; we in the U.S. consider it rude if someone starts speaking to us in another language. I hope that causes a little light bulb to go brighter in a brain somewhere.

Thanks for your excellent RR as always, Ambassador RTWDoug.

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Yes me too, hope to meet you one day, Doug. If you actually make your WW2 tour, as I'm really interested in this part of history (for many reasons I can't tell here), as I'm leaving in Brittany very near the Normandy limit, I could welcome you at home and eventually be your guide for some interesting sites. The desembarking (D-day) occured not far from here, and we still have some places stayed as it was then, and some museums to visit (especialy the para-troopers museum in Ste Mère Eglise), and some formers german submarines bases in Brittany.

For Johnny 55, I didn't want nor to start WW3 (France and the US have allways been allies through the centuries). But just wanted to answer to put that clear, and to say that in France the entire people is not a all anti-american. Just a little point to clear-up, when Doug says he had some problems around Paris, I'm not very surprised ... I mean, that in the rest of France we don't really like parisians, because they think that outside Paris, we are all ... rednecks. But then, compared to them I'm really proud to be a redneck. Paris is not France, and France is not only Paris, fortunately !

Welcome to all riders and bikers in our country, ride safe, chill, and have pleasure.
For those who would like to discover Brittany or Normandy, don't hesitate to contact me.
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