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I need to start my story from yesterday. I went to Arkansas for the pre-race day festivities at the Annual New Year's Day Almosta race. The big race is on New Year's Day, but they wanted to have a trials exhibition and just some general goofing around on New Year's Eve, so we made the trek to Arkansas to do some goofing off.

And some rock climbing

And some obstacle playing

We had been riding all day and it was getting to be late afternoon. Celtazon asked me if I wanted to go play on the concrete toys some more before we left and I told her that I really don't have a problem climbing concrete pipes, what I need to work on is my simple off-camber turns, so I headed off just behind the truck to a little hillside to do some nice, easy, slow off-camber turns. About 20 minutes into practicing and I turn to head up the side of a hill and catch something with my foot. A rock hidden beneath the leaves jumped up and smacked me hard enough to break my little toe.

I high-tailed it back to the truck to start loading gear as fast as I could before the pain set in and I actually got two bikes loaded and tied down before my foot hurt too much to even stand on it Celtazon was left to load the last bike and all of our gear by herself while I sat in the truck and whined like a baby

We get home last night and I couldn't put any pressure on it at all. Celtazon found me a pair of her old crutches in the shed so I could at least get around the house by myself. I figured my New Year's Day riding was out the window.

Well . . . when I woke up this morning I was surprised to find that when I got out of bed I could stand up all by myself . . . on TWO FEET! That's it . . . I'm going riding!! But, I still didn't want to risk it by riding my dirtbike on the rocks, so I decided a nice, leisurely street ride on the Tenere would do just as well

First stop . . . out to meet the guys I was supposed to be riding with today.

My steed for the day

DirtyDog unloading

Kick starting a cold XR

Jump starting a 610 with a dead battery

Warming up the 'ol XT

Texting those who are late

Checking air pressure

Then JumpJet shows up

Then I get the people who are here somewhat on time to line up for a group shot before I hit the road again.

I left right after that to head back to the Almosta Race in Arkansas since I had a few friends racing in it. Took the scenic route

I pulled up right while the rider's meeting was taking place and pull my Tenere right in the middle of all the race bikes sitting about.

These are the guys I came to watch.

One of my friends bought himself a brand spankin' new KTM 500 for Christmas

This is a different kind of race. There are no classes and it is run in a team format. There are two groups. A and B. One person from the A group is put on a team with one member from the B group. Totally random. The A group started the race, ran their lap, then passed off their "baton" to their B group teammate, who runs their lap, repeat until you're worn out

The starting line

One of my friends during their baton pass

I tried to walk around to some of the race course where I could get pictures of my friends, but while riding the bike and standing in one spot wasn't so painful, I found trying to walk through the woods was simply more than my broken foot could take

I decided to get geared up and mosey my way back home again.

My gps says I rode 266 miles today. Not a bad start for the new year if I do say so myself
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