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Originally Posted by h8chains View Post
15 minutes in the ride we took our first break next to a little creek...

mark noticed that i have a flat...

a pucking drill bit

took me 40 minutes to put a new tube, which i ended up pinching. glad i brought 2 spares. mark's klr uses a 17. this is my first flat since 2007. where is sito when you need him? by the time we get rolling it was about 4 PM and starting to get cold. the elevation there is over 3K.
I fun Slime in my tires. That stuff works wonders! We went through an entire cactus field once and everyone I was with that didn't have it, had a gazillion flats. When I finally changed the tire about a year later, there were a ton of green dots on the tube. Amazing stuff!
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