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shake-down ride

So, I finally got my RaceTech improved rear shock back from the shop. Got it mounted up yesterday and decided to start the new year off with a Shake-down ride.

What I was shaking down was my idea of a GPS mount, and a heat shield, the rear mounting of the Giant Loop Mojave bag and a TrailTech Vector computer that replaced the stock computer.

I recently picked up a Garmin GPSMAP 276C with a Tourtech mount. This was so that I could keep an eye on a larger gps, while watching the trail at 50mph. Since there were no mounts for the KTM 500 EXC, I had to come up with my own type of mount. Now, this is the first version, and I do recognize that it needs to be re-worked to move it further forward. On the ride yesterday, my helmet hit the mount twice. However, the mounting points are solid, and they will work very well for a future mount that is positioned further forward. Also shown in these pictures is the Trailtech Vector computer. I decided to go with the Vector (voltage reading) instead of the Vapor (RPM reading) because the voltage indicator is more important than the RPM reading. These bikes have a Rev limiter that handles the RPMs. Knowing if the voltage is going out is much more key to the electrical system on this bike As well, this particular Vector has the temp gauge that interfaces with a radiator hose. I mounted this temp sensor in the hose that runs back up into the radiators from the engine. This, IMHO, gives the most accurate temperature reading of the engine temp.... At any rate, it works very well. My temps on this ride ranged from 160F when riding fast to 199 when going slow. I don't know at what temp the fan kicks in, but I never heard the fan kick on. Maybe I just couldn't hear it, but the bike performed great despite this fluctuation in temperature. I did see in the manual that the radiator cap is set to release fluid at ~227*F. So, I would assume the fan would kick on sometime before the engine water reaches that temp....

Just starting off in the afternoon.....

Testing my ghetto heat shield and mounting adjustments for the Mojave bag.
The bag stayed in place, but needs to be a little more secure....still working on that...

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