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After the rain over New Years the Wellington contingent must have picked up MarkS’s phobia about rain, because they stayed away in droves from the Wellington Wairarapa, Waikanae attack on the track. Actually the day was cloudy but fine, with just a brief shower at the end.

Met Shewolf NZ at Martinborough Square. Toppys / Tui’s is now ‘The Bach’ - I assume a further change in ownership. But that was closed.

Had a chat with Glen who was off to do ‘Bill’s ride’ to Riversdale. They’d attempted Sutherlands on Sunday – but the streams were too high.

With that info on board we decided to switch to an alternate plan & do Ocean Beach first, then see if we wanted more.

Fair to say that Ocean Beach had seen its share of heavy rain too, & most of the previously tame stream crossings were: 1. silty; 2. swift; &; 3. had scoured out new channels for themselves. I waded one before putting the bike into it.

The photo is of the second stream crossing. The usual line has been washed away. A new crossing has been formed downstream near the beach.

The track had some changes since the last time I rode it on Boxing Day. Then, the track was in good nick because of the fine weather & no of 4WDs that had been through it. This time the track was softer in some places than I expected, the track had seen water & rock run off on some of the climbs & descents, but in others (the sandy bit before the gate) it was actually much better than expected.

Shewolf filmed the 1st 1/2 of the return leg. She pulled a leg muscle just after a stream crossing on a sandy bit, so that may have coloured things for her ride back.

At first / last stream at the access end there was a fairly horrific clack clack sound from the Gus's back end, which made my stomach drop. Fearing the worst, I thought that the drive shaft had taken a dump. I got off & checked over the bike, & initially could make the sound recur, but couldn’t see anything obvious. I spun the wheel backward & then the noise just stopped. Given I couldn’t get the sound to reoccur then, I got back on & rode it to the sealed section & checked it over again. Nothing. After I got home & cleaned the bike I noticed: 1. new scoring on the rear wheel rim, & 2 the final drive boot is torn near the wheel. I’m wondering if we got some rocks stuck in there.

When we’d stopped to at the sealed section to pump up my front tyre & recheck Gus for damage, Richard trundled up. He was about to check the spur out to channel across from Lake Ferry. We passed on this & the opportunity to look at Sutherlands Hutt.

We toddled back to Featherston, to the pub, had a couple of cups of coffee, fries & a chat, & let the shower clouds that had amassed over Martinborough way pass, then parted. Thanks for the company Rhondda.

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KTM's been great.
We are coming down to catch ferry on thursday the 19th at 18:25 and staying at my mums in Picton then riding to Fairlie on the 20th :)
May come down to the ferry & say hello.
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It's just better when there's twins involved....

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