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Bike Options

So, the biggest hurdle seems to be that a lot of the guys that are interested in participating at any level would also like to rent bikes.

I have tried to make contact with some guys who rent plated bikes, since a lot of the routes we would use require this and have had no luck. There are strict dirt bikes available but that really limits the where you can go.

The upfront costs to have even a few bikes is preventative for me at this point, maybe by next year that will change.

One thing I was considering is, for the guys planning on going onto a rally is coordinate a program where they buy the bike they will race and use it for the training and then have it prepped and shipped to the event. I have a few connections on guys who have done this and some guys that are looking to expand. In fact that is part of the plan that JCR has in the works to expand thier effort.

I also have the capability to safely store bikes if some riders wanted to leave the bike out for the season, which might be an option.

Or maybe someone else has a better idea?

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