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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
The BMW manual offers no schematic that I can find ...
The Haynes manual has a schematic and it does not call out a ground from the frame of the regulator to the frame of the bike...
it only shows that pin #4 (brown) goes back to the negative terminal of the battery............

I can assure that the ground from the frame of the regulator is crappy.............
but maybe that's because it's not needed?
If it is required ... somebody in Germany needs to be shot... then hung..........
I also went to the Haynes manual and only found the wiring diagram. It shows two wires going to the battery return. this seems to imply the current is at least some times large enough to require two wires. ..and likely good connections on those two wires.

Battery connections are prone to corrosion. Tomorrow I'm going to check my battery connections...Haynes says they are the heavy brown(1.25) wires. The wiring diagram says there should be another very heavy (6) brown wire from the battery going to frame which acts as the starter return path, spark plug return etc.

In the wiring diagram there is no indication that the Regulator is chase grounded so JRWooden findings seem to confirm there is no chassie ground there.
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