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This is my Feature Request list "open items" for the Montana. If you like/want any of these and haven't expressed it to the Montana Team please do so. If you have others...?

Feature & Description
  1. Four Corner - Transparent Data Fields. Please provide an additional Dashboard option for Small (1/3 smaller than the current "Small") Transparent-background, Configurable Data fields in the four corners of the Map screen similar to the zumo 660's More Map View or the GPSMAP 478.
  2. Track Manager - Options. Provide a Setting tab option on the main Track Manager screen to: "Show All Tracks on Map", "Hide All Tracks on Map", "Delete All Tracks".
  3. Waypoint Categories. Support Waypoint Categories
  4. Waypoint Contact Info. Support Waypoint Contact Info Fields (Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country, Phone #'s)
  5. Display - Screen Capture. Save Screen Capture setting in Profile
  6. Where To? Search - Along Active Route. When navigating; Option to search "Along Active Route"
  7. Power Management - Option. Keep unit on when External Power is lost as a Profile setting.
  8. Multiple Trip Odometers. Multiple Independently resettable Trip Odometers
  9. TracBack - Shortcut. One touch shortcut for TracBack
  10. Camera Settings. Provide Camera settings (Resolution and Storage Location) as part of the Profile data.
  11. Save Current Track Shortcut option. Provide a Shortcut Setting for Track - Save Current Track. Allow this setting to be combined with Clear Current Track as part of a "Save and Clear" Shortcut.
  12. Track - "Show on Map". Please save the Track "Show on Map" selection in the GPX data so that when a Track is shared with other GPS it will show on the Map as defined in the GPX data - just like Color selection is saved.
  13. Shortcut "Setup" - Indicate Option(s). Indicate the Setup Options applied to a Shortcut using # and Alfa combo for each option selected.
  14. Resettable Odometer. A Shortcut / Reset option to reset the Odometer without having to preform a Master Reset. (dacrazyrn)
  15. Data field for voltage from Mount.
  16. Display setting to allow Topo data to be hidden, showing Major and/or Minor topo lines at greater than specified zoom level.
  17. Track Manager/Route Planner - please add the ability to "sort by Alphanumeric" to these data lists too. (Waypoint sort added in v4.20)
  18. Security Lock: "PIN" code and location support.
  19. Route Edit - Make all Routes on the Montana Editable whether created on or transferred to the Montana editable.
  20. Zoom Levels: Add a setting to Settings -> MAP -> Advanced Setup -> Zoom Levels, for Custom POI's. This would separate Zoom levels for User Waypoints and Custom POI's.

By the way, I have a spreadsheet where I track these and what version they were provided in (if any).


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