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Alright Rev
Glad you like the roads.... Hope you came in from 66, I came across 770, 704, 8, 89, 268, 66 then 66 to the house.
.. I shot out 704 from the house and hit Snow Hill Church Road and then over to Piney Grove Church Road and then hit 268/Lynchburg Road to Rock House Road and then the house .. great morning ride .. from there I doubled back and ran on out 268 to I-77 to really get a feel for that 16t front sprocket I just put on (and man I am liking it) ..

.. and I also wanted to hit the double round-a-bouts at the intersection of 52 and 268 .. a buddy of mine told me about it and thought it was really weird how they had installed those on the off/on ramps for 52 and he is right .. it is kinda odd .. that almost became the tag spot is I could have found a safe way to get a shot and keep anyone from getting killed trying to duplicate it .. it's nothing really to go out of your way to see, but I had never heard of anything like it anywhere else and for some reason it stuck in my mind ..

.. got the caca scared out of me up on I-77 when a gust of wind hit me and just about took me off my wheels .. running about 80mph (which, for you KLR guys, is just a cake-walk with the 16t front sprocket) and "Wham" .. the whole bike jumped about 4 inches .. though I would need a spatula to break the seal to the Corbin seat when I got down to Huie Road ..

.. anyway .. tube changing scheduled for me tomorrow .. lol .. really gonna wish I had not shot that leak-stop crap in there when I get into that tire ..
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