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I rarely write in this thread or the firehose thread as i cannot add to the depth of knowledge and or experience that you guys and gals have. I simply lurk, willing all the boys on and soaking in all the information. Over the last few years Advrider has made me feel as close as possible to the action with out actually been there.
Like i said i rarely write here but i have just listened to the Ned/Nate interview and i feel i have to add to the thread to simply thank you both for bring Dakar 2012 literally into the living room. It is gonna be a bitch to get the fesh fesh out the rug!
Firstly i am stunned that Ned has the time to even think about calling in. I can only imagine what must be going through head and still he has time for twenty two minutes.
I do not know Ned, other than following his threads here, but i am amazed at how modest he is. During the interview he had every opportunity to tell us all that he repast some bikes that passed him earlier in the stage. He simply implied it and stated that you do not need just a big motor. For a guy that must still be a little amped after his first Dakar stage he was so calm.
Also Packmule, your interviewing was amazing; so calm and let the man do all the talking!
If only the domestic US coverage to have an ounce of your class.
Keep it going Ned!
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