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Originally Posted by GSNorCal View Post
Neil (Bluebull) did a good writeup in the firehose thread of how this works. It's funny... if you are lucky to have no troubles on a given day, and just get to have a clean ride, at your own pace, you actually have a little bit of breathing room--finishing before dark, time for shower, eat, attend briefing, make a call, eat, mark roadbook, sleep. It's not crazy tough.

But, and this is a big BUT, once the first teensie little thing falls out of place, you are behind the eight ball. Suddenly you are tired, finishing at/after dark, missing the briefing, etc, etc.

I distinctly remember a day (8?) on the Sertoes last year when Neil and Phil both came in well after dark. In the meantime, I enjoyed a shower, massage, and a shave by the cute Gillette girls. They were a wreck. But it's just luck. It wasn't a fast day for me, just a clean day. And they had problem after problem. It plays hell on the nerves.

So far, Ned is doing well on this front. If he rides a bit on the conservative side, as it appears he is, and avoids all manner of problems, and is lucky to boot on mechanical stuff, then he just might stay on top of things.

And I hope he does!!!

Who?.......the Gillette girls??

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