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The manufacturer of the GS-911 doesn't state the time interval, just says it's faster than logging to a file. I'm estimating 200-300 mS. There is also no indication that the sampling is at a steady frequency--so no assurance of coherence.
If I remember, the first column in the output .csv file from the GS-911 is a time stamp, and I think it's a system time stamp generated at the PC not from the GS-911. The number is a large integer and I don't remember the minimum resolution. To display it you'll need to convert the integer to a floating point. Then take the first number in the column and use it as an offset value. Subtract the offset value from all the other time values in the column so that the first row of collected data appears to start at zero.

Also, in the GS-911 user interface there's a config page for logging. On that settings page there are check boxes to select only the data channels you want to collect, and turn off all the others. That may speed up the process.


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