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Been looking for one of these. I have too many projects as is, but when I find one cheap it's mine.. The first 4st dirt bike I ever rode was this bike. My stepfather had one and I started riding it when I was 12. He made the mistake of telling me I could ride it when I could kickstart it knowing that it was hard to start when cold and I was skinny. He didn't know I'd been watching him to figure out the 4 stroke starting drill for that bike for a year, just biding my time.... I waited until a warm day, pulled it out into the sun, took an old kerosene heater and a fan from the house to blow the heat onto it, pulled back one carb boot and sprayed in some Ether, and 30 min later after adding duct tape to the kick lever which had lost the rubber boot, using Ether in both carbs, stopping for a snack, setting the points, adding fresh gas, finding more Ether, swapping my work boots for some of his which had harder soles, my foot was killing me, I got it started.

I got it warmed up, waited until I saw him turn into the driveway, and quickly re started it. When he walked around the house I was just pulling on my helmet. Oh, he was pissed! I reminded him of his "start it if you can, you scrawny runt deal", (as I thought of it). He didn't know whether to laugh, get mad, or what but he said take off. I rode that bike for 5 years until I blew it up pulling other kids up a hill in the snow after we slid down on an old car hood. I thought step dad Bob would be pissed I blew it up. He just said he couldn't beleive it lasted that long with me riding it.

After I blew it up, he gave it to me. I sold it for gas money in high school. Regretted it ever since. Damn girl I was messing with so I needed the gas money to woo her sorry butt never did give me a ride. She didn't even care when I told her I sold a motorcycle for her! Tried to buy that bike back, the guy I sold it to never fixed it, never rode it, wouldn't sell it back to me. Eventually he just robbed parts off of it.

Yep, I gotta have another one. Too many memories. No bike I have ever heard sounded just l ike that old twin. No mufflers, straight pipes right under the frame. It blew flames out of the exhaust on decel. I thought it was the coolest machine ever made.
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